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    to: vneshbank, moscow
    test: 3321 dd 01.06.89

    we issue an irrevocable l/c
    no: 1521-6-06162/bd/51-34/89
    o/ro "hempro" Belgrade, terazije 8, 11000 Belgrade
    amount: xsu 197.000,00
    delivery terms: fob ilisevsk
    covering: 2000 tons kalijum hlorid 60 percent k20 akala prorata
    sadrzaj vlage 2 percent max. za svaki percent k20 iznad ili ispod 60
    percent cena ce povecati odnosno smanjliti za xsu 1,64. cena po 1
    m/t xsu 98,50

    delivery term: 2.000 june

    all bank charges outside yugoslavia are for beneficiariy's account
    partial shipment: allowed
    transhipment: allowed
    expiry date: 20th july 1989
    shipment date: 30th june 1989
    1/c payable against presentation of the following documents:

    1/invoice in 4 fold
    2/2/3 c/p b'/1 clean on board by order hempro-Belgrade notify ihp
    prahovo 19330 prahovo yugoslavia
    3/certificate issued by the captain of the ship confirming the
    receipt of 1/3 b/1 for further delivery to ihp  prahovo 19330
    4/certificate of quality issued by the producer's factory

    provide all the credit terms and conditions have been complied
    with, please pay beneficiary by debiting the account no.5,3120-610
    of national bank of yugoslavia as their general authorization
    no.gen/s-94/24.12.1979. under advice to us and to  national  bank  of

    this cable is operative instrument and subject to uniform customs and
    practice for documentary credits/1983 revision/icc publication 400
    stop rads